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Kaldheim Prerelease Kit [Mayhem Exclusive!]

Kaldheim Prerelease Kit [Mayhem Exclusive!]

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$59.95           Ultimate Winner’s Deckbuilding Kit

                                    Limit 108

·        One Pre-Release Kit.

·        Two Additional Draft or Set Booster Packs

·        One Premium Pack:

o   Select a premium pack from our wide selection of booster packs.

o   Up to a $25 value (only one pack, no combinations).

·        $10 Little Caesars Gift Card.

·        A 2-Liter of Soda (choose from a selection).

·        1 ticket for the “Buy-a-Box-Win-a-Box” promotion.

·        40-card Land Pack (your choice of color).

·        1 used empty bundle box (your choice, $4 value).

·        100-ct Sleeves (One standard 100 ct. or two 50 ct. packs)

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